Create, consume, connect

This week, with all the excitement of starting with the blog again, I have felt full of energy. More than once the hours went by in front of my screen without realizing... And all this after having already spent my usual working hours also in front of a screen.

Sum them up and they are many, many hours of screen time.

semi opened laptop computer turned on on table

The fact that the hours go by without realizing is a good sign, I know, I´m enjoying it a lot, and also learning at the same time. On top of writing the posts, I´m also configuring the website myself (now with WordPress, much better than with what I had previously), and I want to do it properly, fully accessible and bilingual Spanish-English. So my time is split between configuring the various plugins and settings (thanks a million Maria for all your advice), thinking of ideas to write about, writing about them, and translating everything that´s already written, not only the posts but also all of the text strings scattered around the site. Let me take this opportunity to ask you: if you see any errors or typos, please let me know so I can fix them, some of you have already done that and I´m grateful for it :-)

Another thing I´m doing this week is taking a crash course in social media, as things have progressed a lot in the last few years. In the old times, writing a blog post was enough; people woud see it in their RSS feed reader, or would subscribe via email, or would visit the website every now and then checking for new content... Now you have to be on social media, the more the better, so I took the plunge and created a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram account, so that whoever wants to follow me can do it easily.

But of course, all that brings a new challenge: more social network connections, more interesting content available, more notifications and more screen time, as soon as you drop your guard for a moment. That´s why it´s so important to use the internet consciously, and take advantage of the infinite possibilities it gives us without letting it interfere with our life more than it´s necessary.

Not long ago, in a very interesting video I watched on Youtube (more screens), they mentioned that the activities we do on the internet can be divided into creating, consuming and connecting. After months and months of basically consuming content and learning passively, I am really excited about creating (in this case writing, translating and bringing the blog to life), and I even enjoy connecting and reconnecting in new ways through social networks. But I´m also looking forward to being able to go out into the real world again, and connect, create and learn there as well, in a more tangible way and in three dimensions. I´m finding it a bit hard to get started due to lack of habit, but I know the effort will be worth it.

So in summary; walk away from your screen for a while and find something else to do! :-)

4 thoughts on "Crear, consumir, conectar"

  1. ¡Muchas ganas de vernos en persona! Ahora estoy en ese punto de intentar pegarme menos rato a las pantallas. Dentro de un par de semanas ya pasaremos la tarde disfrutando de la pisci, amigos y vecinos. Así es pan comido 🙂

  2. Yo lo de crear en el blog lo tengo un poco abandonado, la verdad. Quizá ahora me muevo más por Instagram…. veo una cosa que me llama la atención, hago foto, subo foto…. y aún así, en privado y sin fotos de mi careto (o de Luy) jajajaja.
    Estoy de acuerdo contigo que todo al principio es apasionante; pero en mi caso al menos, he llegado a tener momentos de verdadera abstracción del mundo real por tanta pantalla (mi vicio es Duolingo y candycrash)…. me está costando empezar a desconectar y hacer otras cosas; reconectar con la costura, por ejemplo. Pero lo sigo intentando.
    El caso es intentarlo siempre, verdad?

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