Farewell, Dad

My father passed away this week, at the age of eighty-eight, may he rest in peace.

They say the best way to lead is by example, and that’s exactly how he did it. In a way that was firm, but also warm and straightforward. Through his attitude, his habits and his personal and professional code of ethics, he was a superb example for my siblings and me, and later on, for his grandchildren as well.

Many remember his good memory, his manners (rather serious, though good humoured), and the quality of his work, always impeccable. But the topic that comes up most frequently in conversations when we remember him, the thing that’s etched in the memory of those who knew him, is the way he used to congratulate them on their birthdays.

In these times when many of us seem to spend our days “collecting friends” on social media, and keep sending each other superficial messages, he used to dedicate time every day to sit down and write cards by hand, to personally wish happy birthday to the many friends, relatives and acquaintances listed in his notebook. And then for the closest family members, his happy birthday wish arrived in the form of a text message, delivered to our phone exactly at midnight, so that we could start celebrating our day from the first minute.

He kept a place in his thoughts and his heart for each person that came along in his life, regardless of whether he saw them frequently or hadn´t seen them in decades. A beautiful example, which I would like to follow (even if it is in more modern ways), not only for what it is but also for what it represents: giving importance to what is important. And work is important, of course, and it´s important to do it as best as we can. But people are, always, more important.

Thanks for your example Dad, for so many things I´ve been so lucky to learn from you. And farewell.

3 thoughts on "Hasta siempre, Papá"

  1. Lo siento muchísimo, Bea.
    Yo pienso que nuestros padres, al final, perviven a través de nosotros, y siguen, de alguna manera, en la rueda de este mundo.
    Un abrazo muy fuerte.

  2. Aunque a él personalmente no le conocí, me hubiera gustado conocerle para felicitarle por el buen trabajo que como padre hizo por los valores que te enseñó a ti y supongo que a tus hermanos y hermanas, pues las clases en estos casos, son colectivas. Pudo emprender su último viaje con la satisfacción de haber hecho un excelente trabajo, en eso, Javier, puedes estar seguro, te lo digo como padre que también soy y como amigo tuyo.Debió partir con esa satisfacción de haber terminado un difícil pero muy bien trabajo y resultado que es la crianza, educación y enseñanza de valores a los que traemos a este mundo. Un abrazo amigo. Juan Antonio

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