About me

Who am I?

My name is Beatriz Galindo García, I was born in Cáceres (Spain), and a few years ago I moved to Dublin (Ireland).

In this blog I write thoughts and reflections about my daily life, and various other things I found over the years that I would like to share with you.

Why BinaryWords?

At a certain point in my life I considered becoming a professional translator. Having a degree in computer engineering, BinaryWords struck me as a nice wordplay, so I bought that web domain.

In 2005, when I moved to Ireland, I started a blog sharing my experiences as a newcomer, the adventure of becoming a mother... What with one thing and another, I wrote less and less as the years went by, and the blog got eventually forgotten.

Now in 2021, I´m resuming my journey as a blogger, knowing that both the world and I have changed a lot since the last time I faced a blank page... We are living in an era of change, of evolution, of growth, of moving to the next stage in our life, and I´m really excited for you to join me if you wish in this new adventure.

Thanks for reading me! Big hug.


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