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Who am I?

Hello! I´m Bea Galindo, I´m a computer engineer and a professional life coach, also an amateur translator and a mother of three, originally from Spain, currently living in Ireland.

Following many years of having an interest in the area of personal development and growth, I discovered the discipline of coaching in May 2021, and that opened my eyes to a whole world of possibilities, so much so that I decided to do a Master's degree in Coaching with Emotional Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming at D'Arte Human & Business School in 2021/22.

In 2022/23, I continued my training by deepening my knowledge of the enneagram, getting trained as an Expert in Enneagram at Autognosis school, and starting to incorporate the use of the enneagram in my coaching practice.

I'm really excited to present to you my perso-professional project, BinaryWords, where I share my thoughts on a variety of topics related to personal development and growth, and also offer my services as a Life Coach, to accompany you on your own journey of self-discovery and transformation.

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Why BinaryWords?

At a certain point in my life, I considered becoming a professional translator. Having a degree in computer engineering, BinaryWords struck me as a nice wordplay, so I bought the web domain.

In 2005, when I moved to Ireland, I started writing a blog sharing my experiences as a newcomer, and I continued to share as I went through different phases: my first pregnancy, my first daughter, my second... Then for one reason or another, my writing became less and less frequent as years went by, and by the time my third daughter was born, the blog had already fallen into oblivion.

Up until may 2021, when I got the itch again and resumed my path as a blogger, this time following a different approach. Thanks for reading me!

Version history

Throughout this entire website, you will see many references to the world of computing, as it is my belief that we humans are quite similar to computers in certain aspects. We can equate each of the phases we get through in life as time goes by with a "version" of our own particular operating system, and we can choose to tell our own story as the history of our different versions.


Here´s mine:

  • V0 (version zero) - I arrive in this world (more specifically in Cáceres, Spain) on March 10th 1978. Full name: Beatriz Galindo García.
  • V1.0 – I decide to study Computer Engineering – the first "real" decision of my life.
    • V1.1 – I get a boyfriend.
    • V1.2 – I finish college and move to Madrid, searching for a job.
    • V1.3 – I get my first job, in a consulting firm.
    • V1.4 – I change jobs, my assigned project gets cancelled and they let me go.
    • V1.5 – I find another job, in another consulting firm.
    • V1.6 – I get interested in translating and take a course - university expert in translation Spanish-English
  • V2.0 – I get married and move to Dublin, Ireland
    • V2.1 – I find my first job in Ireland, as an analyst/programmer, in a great company (bye-bye consulting)
    • V2.2 – Mi daughter Irene is born - I become a mother.
    • V2.3 – I have a miscarriage in my second pregnancy.
    • V2.4 – My daughter Alicia is born.
    • V2.5 – I take a Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) course.
  • V3.0 – I decide to take a career break and spend more time with my daughters
    • V3.1 – I take a course in teaching Spanish as a second language.
    • V3.2 – My daughter Eva is born.
  • V4.0 – I separate from my husband (later on I get divorced).
    • V4.1 – I start working in another great company, as a systems analyst.
    • V4.2 – I buy my own house to live in, with my daughters.
    • V4.3 – I transition from IT to a business role within the same company.
    • V4.4 – I adapt to working from home and changing the shared custody routine.
  • V5.0 – I get interested in coaching
    • V5.1 – I take a three-month-long online course in coaching fundamentals, to see if I like it. I love it.
    • V5.2 – I sign up for a master’s degree in coaching with emotional intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming.
    • V5.3 – In my "day job", I leave the business position and return to IT, with I find sits better with me.
    • V5.4 – I finish my master´s degree in coaching, handing in my final project with the title "reprogram your life".
    • V5.5 – I complete my training as an expert in enneagram - I finally get to understand myself well.
    • V5.6 – I continue with another training course, coaching with the enneagram, to learn how to use both disciplines together.



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