Starting over

They say each day is an opportunity to start over… And yes, that´s true, but it´s also true that there are certain times of the year when it´s easier to get that feeling of a clean slate. For example, when a new season starts: the days change in length, the weather also changes, and we take the opportunity not only to renew our wardrobe but also to adapt our habits to whatever is appropriate at that time of the year.

And one of the changes in season that most impact us is the beginning of a new school year, which in both Ireland and Spain (where I live and where I come from, respectively) takes place in the month of September.

"Back to school" written on a black backboard

It´s a moment where I usually feel very energized, ready to start new projects, create new routines, and get settled again after a change of scenery during the summer.

And this year is no exception: on the contrary, I´m even more excited, as this year brings big changes in my personal and professional life (if there´s even a way to separate one from the other), and for once I feel like accepting the challenge of embracing uncertainty, of walking towards it instead of avoiding it… To be honest, I´m not too sure how it will all turn out or where I will end up, but I do know that it´s going to be a very interesting path, full of challenges and learning, and I can´t wait to get started :-)

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