This is what some of the clients who have done a coaching process with me say about their experience:

María – Goal: launch her own children stories website

The coaching process with Bea (Binarywords) helped me to kick off a creative project in which I found myself blocked. Bea, in a simple and smooth way, showed me key concepts and provided me with the tools I needed to get the project started and then done successfully. With her great communication and listening ability, Bea adapted the coaching process to my needs from the beginning. I didn´t expect to see results so soon. It was a really gratifying experience. Many thanks Bea.

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Rebecca – Goal: set up healthier diet and exercise habits

I started my journey in March with Bea and spent the next few months working on some challenging life changing goals.

I started out with the mind set of I need to get fitter and slimmer for summer, but quickly realised through the process that it wasn’t a quick fix I wanted but something more sustainable and long term. Bea really supported me in understanding how to make exercise a part of my daily routine and part of my life, after a few sessions I had a pep in my step and a determination to continue working on myself and again not a quick fix.

The biggest achievement for me was going away to visit family and friends in which I would normally immediately enter “holiday mode”. The session we had before we made some clear goals and spoke about what would be a realistic target to achieve and reflected on everything we had already discussed and the progress made. For the first time ever I went home and got my steps and moved my body and didn’t over indulge (I certainly still enjoyed myself!) I felt amazing coming home knowing I hadn’t undone all the progress made!

I really enjoyed talking to Bea and reflecting on my goals and trying different ways to achieve them through the sessions we had together. I would recommend Bea as a life coach and am very grateful for her time and effort in supporting me to achieve my goals and making positive life changes.

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Seán – Goal: prioritize and achieve tasks moving into a new job role

I worked with Beatriz over a period of months, and initially we worked on some tactical issues, e.g. how to prioritise to get a specific bit of work done. So initially I set a goal with Beatriz's help of "prioritize and achieve tasks moving into a new job role".

We then moved on from that to a more strategic and long-term focus - "what do I really want to get out of life?", so Beatriz suggested a number of different tools and we worked through things like what I value and prioritize. With some great coaching, we worked on my goals and I started to realize that I was spreading myself too thinly. If I wanted to achieve my goals, I needed to let go of some stuff.

I got rid of my motorbike and all the related kit because my new goals don't include a motorbike - that was a turning point for me and just one example. We worked on focus and when I started to let go of some things, I found myself able to get more stuff done - I was achieving my goals.

I know that I am on a journey to a better me and it can be hard to figure out these things on my own. Thank you Beatriz, you have really helped me to ask the right questions, and I'm pretty sure I will be back in a year or two when I'm ready to take the next steps along a path of my choosing.

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Deirdre – Goal: define her personal and professional 5-year vision

I will be forever grateful to Beatriz for her help and guidance. After working with her I was able to clearly articulate a future vision for my life, define my priorities and commit to an action plan to achieve my goals.

With her coaching style I was able to gain the confidence needed to move forward in my life. She has a full toolkit and was able to get the right fit for my needs. She gently nudged me out of my comfort zone and helped me make significant changes in both my self-awareness and mindset.

She is an exception coach and indeed a very special person. I highly recommend her.

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Elena – Goal: live a tobacco-free life

For your patience, perseverance,
For always believing in me,
For knowing how to listen to me,
For knowing how to guide me, for always telling me to believe in myself, and because thanks to her I was able to achieve my goal.
I am thankful to my coach, Beatriz Galindo, for her dedication, for giving herself to me, thanks for everything.

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