What is coaching?

The field of International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines professional coaching as «partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.»

Cartoon drawing of two people talking. The person on the left looks worried, has their arms up as if shrugging, and there's a speech bubble coming out of their head with a green tangle of wool in it. The person on the right wears glasses, is smiling and gesticulating with their hands, and their speech bubble contains a perfectly tidy wool ball that's connected to the tangle from the other bubble, as if they were untangling it through the conversation

Through a process spanning several sessions, the coach works with their coachee (or client) on:

  • Defining very clearly the goal he/she wants to achieve,
  • Exploring his/her current situation relative to that goal,
  • Creating an action plan to achieve it,
  • And following that plan step by step, working through obstacles, removing roadblocks, making discoveries, and applying every learning along the way.

What goal can I set for myself?

Only you can answer that question: what do you want to achieve? It may be a big goal or a small one, personal or professional. The important thing is that it´s YOURS, that it represents a significant milestone for you. Something that you find motivating and challenging at the same time. And something for which the outcome depends mostly on you, not on others.

In the testimonials section you can see several examples of personal and professional goals that my clients have set up for themselves.

What can I expect from the sessions?

My methodology combines three essential elements:

  • The power of self-knowledge, to help you to discover your true essence, your identity and your potential.
  • The power of words, to reprogram the most powerful and extraordinary computer there is: your brain.
  • And the power of action, to allow for a real transformation to happen, one that translates into tangible life results.

When do we start?

Contact me to book an appointment, and we will meet for a free 30-minute exploratory session. From then onwards, you decide!