My happy place

What´s that place that´s so very special to you, the one that brings you such good memories that just imagining being there makes you start feeling great immediately?

If you have it (and I hope you do), then that´s your "happy place", an expression that sounds to me a bit like a line from a movie.

close up photo of clear water in a swimming pool

Maybe you have more than one happy place, even better. Today, I´ve been lucky enough to visit one of mine, a place where I´ve spent many summer days throughout my life, and enjoyed many hours of swimming and games with my family 🙂

Some things have changed along the years, understandably (everything is, and all of us are, constantly changing), but I´m always happy to come back... And I know I´m very lucky to be able to come back.

Your happy places may no longer be the way you used to know them; they may be different now, or they may even have disappeared. You may think that you´re never going to visit them again. But that doesn´t really matter, because they still exist in your mind and your heart, where you can remember them in whichever way you want.

Let me propose a little game to you: close your eyes, take a deep breath, bring your mind to the happy place of your choice for a few minutes, truly enjoy it (this is the most important part), and pay attention to the details you like most, the ones that bring you the best memories, so that you can get back to them and feel that great whenever you need it:

  • An image – the sunset by the swimming pool.
  • A sound – the song of the turtledoves (I´m still not sure this is the right bird...)
  • A smell – the wet ground during a summer electrical storm.
  • A taste – the breakfast "bolluelas" (a typical baked good from the village).
  • A sensation – calm, joy, connection.

Would you like to share yours?

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