Today I'm bringing you a word that's probably not in the dictionary, but it definitely exists, and it has a beautiful meaning:


It's the result of combining two English words, "family" and "friends", and it refers to a group of friends you feel so close to that you really consider them your family. They're your chosen family, so to speak. If you've ever lived in another country (or in a faraway city) for an extended period of time, you'll probably get this concept very easily.

Three little wooden dolls representing a family, next to a amall tippee, with an Earth globe behind them

That's what happened to my husband and me when we moved to Ireland: being so far away from our respective families, we started to rely a lot more on our friends, forming a new circle of loved ones. And that circle expanded with the arrival of our children, and it grew stronger, until it became our framily.

A few years have gone by since then, and due to various circumstances we're a little scattered around these days; but every now and then, stars align and some of us are able to get together, like this weekend (missing those of you who are not here). I've been able to verify once again that the same bond and the same closeness are still there, and it's been great to see that our kids, who grew up together as children but then didn't see each other for years, wmare also greatly enjoing the reunion

Because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if they're family of friends, or how you first met, the point is noticing the wonderful people that are part of your life, and nurturing your relationship with them.

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