Sometimes when we´re thinking about a problem we want to resolve, especially if we´re a bit on the perfectionist side, it happens that we fall into the trap of thinking two things: first, that there´s only one “ideal” or “perfect” solution for that particular problem, and second, that there´s only one possible way to get to that solution.

We forget that as human beings we are all different, and the same way the situations that each one of us can encounter in life are potentially infinite, such is also our creativity to find solutions, as long as we give ourselves a confidence vote.

But you see, sometimes along the way we lose that confidence, like when we´re putting together a side of the Rubik´s cube, and in doing so we dismantle another side. Sometimes when we make a change, we unintentionally stir other things up, because everything is related.

Maybe the secret is to start thinking about life as an experiment, and instead of trying to get to that perfectly put together Rubik´s cube, which is also so rigid and immovable (and boring!), with all its coloured little squares slotted on their corresponding sides, we could decide to find our own combination, the one that works for each one of us. Our cube doesn´t have to look like anyone else´s cube, or be the exact same for as long as we live.

And how do you achieve that? Well, by trying different configurations. I´m a big fan of intermediate solutions, that is, making small changes that slowly get us closer to where we want to be, knowing that we can always modify the experiment and change course if we so decide, as we start getting new results and making new discoveries.

And I´m saying small changes, because if they´re too big, they may not last long, or they may seem so difficult that we end up giving up, or worse, not even trying in the first place. So let´s go bit by bit: what happens if I move this piece slightly toward this side? Or if I swap this colour with that other one?

Apparently, a Rubik´s cube can be configured in 43 quintillion different ways… How does today´s combination look for you?

One thought on “Configuraciones

  1. Yo era de las de despegar las pegatinas descolocadas y ponerlas en su lugar correspondiente: un cubo de Rubik perfectamente montado! 😀
    Eso sí, las esquinas de las pegatinas quedaban hechas una pena. Así me va hoy por hoy por la vida, intentando aprender (a estar alturas) a montar las piezas sin despegar las pegatinas…. :S

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