My happy place

What´s that place that´s so very special to you, the one that brings you such good memories that just imagining being there makes you start feeling great immediately?

If you have it (and I hope you do), then that´s your "happy place", an expression that sounds to me a bit like a line from a movie.

close up photo of clear water in a swimming pool

Maybe you have more than one happy place, even better. Today, I´ve been lucky enough to visit one of mine, a place where I´ve spent many summer days throughout my life, and enjoyed many hours of swimming and games with my family 🙂

Some things have changed along the years, understandably (everything is, and all of us are, constantly changing), but I´m always happy to come back... And I know I´m very lucky to be able to come back.

Your happy places may no longer be the way you used to know them; they may be different now, or they may even have disappeared. You may think that you´re never going to visit them again. But that doesn´t really matter, because they still exist in your mind and your heart, where you can remember them in whichever way you want.

Let me propose a little game to you: close your eyes, take a deep breath, bring your mind to the happy place of your choice for a few minutes, truly enjoy it (this is the most important part), and pay attention to the details you like most, the ones that bring you the best memories, so that you can get back to them and feel that great whenever you need it:

  • An image – the sunset by the swimming pool.
  • A sound – the song of the turtledoves (I´m still not sure this is the right bird...)
  • A smell – the wet ground during a summer electrical storm.
  • A taste – the breakfast "bolluelas" (a typical baked good from the village).
  • A sensation – calm, joy, connection.

Would you like to share yours?


I´m on holidays these days, and travelling, as many of you are probably doing as well. After two summers without setting foot in Spain, the girls and I have finally been able to come this year, to enjoy family time and good weather (heat wave included!)

Searching for travel related quotes, I found these three that made me think:

Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Battuta

A really cool quote that I hadn´t heard before.

But in order for this to really happen, travelling (in the sense of moving from one place to another) is not enough; you have to immerse youself in the experience, keep an open mind, let yourself be surprised. In short, it´s what it´s often said about being a traveller instead of a tourist – the tourist gets back home and it´s the same as when they left, while the traveller lets him or herself get transformed along the way.

And it seems to me that it´s a lot easier to get surprised when traveling to a new place, which brings me to the second quote for today:

Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.


A great piece of advice, in my opinion. Even though I admit that I tend to return to certain known places; when it comes to travelling, I´m not very adventurous... But, once I overcome that initial laziness and embrace adventure, I do enjoy a lot, and I learn loads, getting to know new places.

But hey, is it that we can only get transformed if we travel to unknown places? Well, not necessarily; I think what happens is that a new place can change our perspective more easily, it can help us to think and act in a new way, while staying in the same old places usually leaves us thinking and acting... well, the same old way 🙂

That´s why I liked this third quote so much, it was also new to me:

Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.

Alan Keightley

What this last sentence is suggesting is that it really doesn´t matter where we are; our environment can be the same as always, but if we change the way we look, if we change our attitude, we will perceive it all in a new and different way.

Y a ti, ¿te gusta viajar? ¿Eres de los aventureros, o de los que prefieren repetir destino? ¿Y te consideras viajero, o turista?

A good start

Today I'm bringing you this Irish saying, written in Irish language (which by the way I have no idea how to pronounce):

Tús maith leath na hoibre

Which translates to...

A good start is half the work

Irish saying

The hardest thing is daring to cross that start line...

Thanks a million to all of you who have supported me in various ways this week, with my first online workshop (the first of many, I hope)

I feel it's been a great start, watch this space for more 🙂

Just on time

Internet experts say that when you want to publish content online or on social media, it´s important to schedule your publications with a certain cadence so that there´s a predictable rythm. Saint Google seems to love that consistency.

When I found this out a few months ago (thanks María!), I applied it to this blog with the most straightforward and achievable cadence I could think of: writing a post per week. Initially, I didn´t have any particular day of the week in mind. Still, by the time I realized, a pattern had emerged: I ended up publishing on Sundays, usually late at night (or in the early hours of Monday, which is technically the following week…)

In view of this, one could say that I have a tendency to leave things until the last minute. And in some cases, it´s true. I could choose to focus on that and beat myself up for spending my time procrastinating (which is a word that I don´t like at all, by the way).

But also, if you look at it this way, it turns out that week after week I´m achieving my goal of publishing a blog post, because even if it´s at the last minute, regardless of whether I feel like it or not, when the time comes I always start writing, with no excuses, because I want to honour my weekly commitment to myself and to my readers.

So most probably, had this auto-imposed deadline not existed, about half of the articles that you can read and enjoy here would not have been written… But here they are, thanks to my finding a productive way to negotiate with my procrastination habit 🙂

By the way, have you ever wondered why we procrastinate? A theory that I´ve heard several times states that leaving things until the last moment is very convenient for our unconscious mind, because that way we avoid responsibility regarding the outcome: if it turns out badly, then we have the excuse of not having had time to do it properly. And if it turns out right? Then great, we take the credit for having achieved it in record time. Either way, our ego avoids suffering.

In contrast, when we complete the task ahead of time, it´s a lot clearer that we´re the ones responsible for the outcome, and that triggers a lot of fear and insecurity within us: what if it turns out wrong? What if they don´t like it? What if they reject me?

Maybe the key to this is to leave all excuses aside once and for all, accept that the result is and will always be our responsibility, and choose the best way to manage our daily life according to what we want to achieve in life.

Because, what would happen if you really dedicated time and effort to that thing you say is important but always gets left behind?