This week I´m late writing my usual post. I normally publish it on Sunday night, but this time I wasn´t able to make it, and I honestly feel bad for not having done it.

For failing to meet expectations.

Man dressing in a business outfit sitting in front of his laptop, checking his wristwatch and frowning

And if I stop to think about it, I realize this is a feeling that´s been with me for my entire life. Feeling that I´m not doing it well enough, that I´m not living up to expectations.

But, who´s expectations are those? Good question. Very often, the first answer that comes up for us is that they´re other people´s expectations, but do we really know for sure if that´s the case? Could it what we believe other people´s expectations to be? Or what we expect for ourselves?

In any case, I think it´s always useful to reflect a bit and talk to whoever we need to talk to in order to clarify those expectations, it can save us a lot of stress and plenty of headaches (sometimes literally!)

So let me take this opportunity and ask you: did you miss my weekly post this morning? Did you even notice it wasn´t there?

4 thoughts on "Expectativas"

  1. Este post me ha recordado al primer verso de la canción «I Drink Wine» de Adele…..
    «How can one become so bounded
    By choices that somebody else makes?
    How come we’ve both become a version
    Of a person we don’t even like?»…

    Y sí, es para reflexionar… expectativas de quién? 😉

  2. Contestando a tu pregunta, he echado de menos el post el domingo por la noche.
    Me pareció raro, pero conociéndote, pensé que lo habrías hecho a propósito, con idea de desarrollar un tema concreto 🙂

    • Gracias Bea, no lo programé así, pero sí que aproveché luego para convertirlo en el tema del post, así que da el pego 😉

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